on anarchy and friendship

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on monday, the 18th of june, we will be discussing friendship as a form of life II by various by various authors.


Haters to the Left

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Listen to episode 10 of Haters to the Left and read Strategize, Don’t Moralize. Turn around three times, jump over a rock, throw it over there, and then breathe in the magic. So then we all have magic and you won’t be embarrassed.

Episode 10 – Accelerationist Occultism

Strategize, Don’t Moralize


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on monday, the 21st of may we will be discussing: the primal wound by larry gambone and a lecture given by marija gimbutas.


mash-up may

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on monday, the 7th of may, we will be discussing an anarchist alternative for the philippines by bas umali; and mutual utilization: relationship and revolt in max stirner by massimo passamani.

an anarchist critique of democracy

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on monday, the 23rd of april,we will be discussing from democracy to freedom and the party’s over: beyond politics beyond democracy. Both of which are written by crimethinc.


tankies on tankies

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on monday, the ninth of april, we will be discussing the new class, by yugoslav politician milovan djilas.



‘the hell’s a tankie?

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on monday, the 26th of march, we will be discussing: everything you ever wanted to know about tankies, but were afraid to ask. for extra credit read: the state and revolution by vladimir lenin.