sacred economics

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for the next two meetings we will be discussing sacred economics by charles eisenstein. for the first meeting on monday 8/1, try to read up part three. for the next meeting on 8/15 read to the end.

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gift economy

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for the next few meetings we will be discussing gift economies. for the fist meeting on 7/18 we will be discussing the gift and rioting & looting: as a modern-day form of potlatch. come hungry and bring food if you can.

Sunrise at the Temple, Burning Man 2009

monsieur dupont readings

July 3, 2016 § 2 Comments



on mon jul 4 we will be discussing three pieces by monsieur dupont:

anarchists must say what only anarchist can say

what’s it all about, comrade? and 

nihilist communism: cruelty or the inclusion of the distributive sphere.


we will be meeting at 7pm at 4th tap brewing cooperative.

our enemies in bleu part duex

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on mon 20 june, we will be continuing our discussion of our enemies in blue. for extra credit read we’re trying to destroy the world: anti-blackness and police violence after ferguson. 

our enemies in blue

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for our next meeting on mon 6/6, we  will be discussing our enemies in blue: police and power in america. try to read the through the first four chapters.

The Democracy Project: A History, a Crisis, a Movement

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For May 9th and 23rd we’ll be reading The Democracy Project: A History, a Crisis, a Movement by David Graeber. Link to pdf below. We’re reading to the end of chapter 2 for the 9th and through the end of the book for the 23rd.

—–> the democracy project <—–

wolfi and the ypg

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on mon 4/25 we will be discussing:

barbaric thoughts: on a revolutionary critique of civilization  

desire armed: anarchy and the creative impulse both by wolfi landstreicher

and an interview with paul z simons on the rojava revolution.


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