Shouldering the Burden of History: A Crosscast with Dan Carlin

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For October 19th:
In this podcast, Sam Harris and Dan Carlin (host of the Hardcore History and Common Sense podcasts) discuss American interventionism, the war on terror, and related topics.

Extra Sam Harris controversy over his defense of profiling


October 2, 2015 § 2 Comments

on mon 10/5 we will discussing democratic confederalism by abdullah ocalan one of the leaders of the kurdish revolution in syria.

utopia of rules pt ll

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on monday 9/21 we will be finishing our discussion of utopia of rules by david graeber.

utopia of rules

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on monday 9/7 we will be reading the first part of david graeber’s utopia of rules. try to read to of flying cars and the declining rate of profit. 

Dave Zirin

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Football Jesus
For August 24th we will be reading selections from Dave Zirin as well as an article by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar that he criticizes. Also please check out the poll for September readings below.

The Major Problem With Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s Powerful Essay on Ferguson (Zirin)

The Coming Race War Won’t Be About Race (Abdul-Jabbar)

The People of Oakland Need to Occupy Their Sports Teams


insurrection vs organisation

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sorry for the late post. on 8/10 we will be discussing insurrection vs organisation.


July 14, 2015 § 4 Comments

For the July 27th meeting we are talking about a couple of articles pertaining to transhumanism from an anarchist perspective.

Liberate Not Exterminate – A Defense of the City

ANARCHO-TRANSHUMAN A Journal of Radical Possibility & Striving


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