Bukkaka Spat Here

May 1, 2012 § Leave a comment

Next week’s reading is the infamous Bukaka Spat Here, by Alexander Brener and Barbara Schurz.There are copies at Treasure City in Elise’s box, along with another book of theirs, The Art of Destruction, for those who didn’t pick up copies at the last meeting.  Or see this link if you wish to read it in pdf.

” ‘Don’t read it! Fuck it! Smash it! FORGET IT! DEMOLISH IT! PISS ON IT!’ Alexander Brener and Barbara Schurz advise the reader of their scatological, scatter-fire manifesto Bukaka Spat Here. This slim volume is a disposable piece of anti-literature which combines wild flights of fantasy, Bataillean erotic excess, half-baked poetry and ‘primitive’ illustrations with sober theories of cultural and social revolution. It’s accomplishment is to create a book which is non-serious and unimpressive in its style, yet imaginative, entertaining and inspiring in its political passion.”


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