September 8th – 15 Post Primitivist Theses

September 2, 2013 § Leave a comment

This week, we will be reading 15 Post Primitivist Theses by William Gillis.  It is sort of a long angry rant against primitivist thought from a disgruntled primitivist. Again, we will be meeting at Monkeywrench Books at 7:00 pm (back to TCT next week, though!).


“The culture and infrastructure of our rigid, cancerous, and sedentary civilization is rotten to the core.  But “technology” is not one monolithic thing, collapse is neither inevitable nor desirable, and the root causes responsible for technological development – our creativity and inquiry – are both inextricably tied to liberation.

In these 15 theses william Gillis argues that the primitivist project he was once a part of has lost its way as a result of sloppy concepts.  And that ultimately the world prefigured by primitivism, while in many ways more free than this one, would nevertheless put serious and permanent constraints on liberty in a way irreconcilable with anarchism’s idealism.”

For reading:

For print:


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