July 14, 2015 § 4 Comments

For the July 27th meeting we are talking about a couple of articles pertaining to transhumanism from an anarchist perspective.

Liberate Not Exterminate – A Defense of the City

ANARCHO-TRANSHUMAN A Journal of Radical Possibility & Striving


§ 4 Responses to AnarchoTranshuman

  • FM says:

    Trans-humanism is pretty much the domination over all life. Hardly anarchist.

    And Liberate Not Exterminate is hardly trans-humanist in any capacity.

    Y’all seem mad confused these days…

  • Zack says:

    Transhumanism is the belief or theory that humans can evolve past current limitations, particularly by means of science and technology. That doesn’t sound inherently like “domination over all life”, but I can appreciate where you’re coming from. At times science and technology have been pretty explicit in their desire for domination over life.

    Liberate Not Exterminate is of interest to the conversation between anarchism and transhumanism.

    I think you are confused about things here. We don’t always agree with everything we read. Reading controversial stuff makes for the most interesting conversations. If this is uninteresting to you that is perfectly understandable.

  • seraph says:

    some of us are pretty skeptical. but we like to challenge our beliefs to make sure they are still valid.

  • Lilgrande says:

    Admirable responses, thx for your clarity of thought.

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