Come study anarchist ideas with us!  We are a participant led discussion group that meets at Monkeywrench Books (110 N Loop Blvd E  Austin, TX 78751) every other monday from 7pm to 9pm.

This group may take readings from books, zines, articles, or whatever we decide to discuss with a group of people.  Instead of readings we may decide to just discuss a topic or current event.  So come see what we are all about!  Throw your voice in the mix and lets see what we can get cooking.  Also, if you bring us food, we will eat it.

Spread the palaver!

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  • Noreen says:

    Is this still happening?

  • Anonymous says:

    Yep, hope to see you there!

  • Mukund says:

    Hi, I was wondering if these meetings were still going on every Sunday.

  • Zack says:

    Yup, every Sunday pretty much. Check the latest blog entries for what we will be reading.

  • RickyBobby says:

    I’m new to Austin and am looking for a group interested in discussing anarchist (and particularly AnCap) theory. Have I found the right place?

  • Zack says:

    Well, we are an anarchist study group. We certainly discuss anarchist theory very regularly. We don’t usually read much AnCap stuff, but we have discussed Markets not Capitalism a bit. If there was something that you wanted to discuss specifically you could come to a meeting and see if people want to read it.

  • rickybobby says:

    Thanks for the reply. This is great news for me. I’m off Sunday and looking forward to it. See you there.

    Peace love & anarchy!

  • monkey says:

    the amoros piece, can it be online ? dr.woooo@gmail.com

  • The Ethnographer Guy says:

    Hola. It’s me, the ethnographer. I have completed my study on your group and am ready to send it to you all. What’s a good email address?

  • Zack says:

    If you are on the email list you could just email it to the whole list. I think that would be best. Thanks!

  • The Ethnographer Guy says:

    My fault for taking so long to reply, was out of town. I will send it this sunday.

  • Claire Contreras says:

    writing to see if there is anything thinking about restarting this group. I would definitely be interested in joining! i’d also just be interested in talking more about anarchy in general. frustrated with the broken, ineffectual system and our continued reliance on it’s violence, beuracracy and patriarchal policies and norms. hit me upp.


  • Roman Sanchez says:

    Hey Claire,
    I’m also interested in restarting this group. Response time seems to be slow (don’t know if anyone’s maintaining this site anymore…) but I’m kinda going through and finding people who’ve commented. We could get in contact with Monkeywrench Books about meeting there and just start spreading the word. How does that sound? I was bummed I never got to attend this group and would love to bring it back to life!

  • Hi- I’m a volunteer logistics organizer for Gilad Atzmon a unique, fearless, often demonized author/speaker and much appreciated world class Jazz saxophonist from London who happens to be scheduled to be in Austin on Monday May 18. Gilad is a brave supporter and exerciser of free speech on many topics but most often the underlying causes of the Israeli – Palestinian issue. He is also a former Israeli Jew and now self declared citizen of the world and humanist. I haven’t heard him call himself an anarchist per se, because he rejects politically oriented affiliations, but his thoughts will surely resonate with anarchists.

    I have contacted Monkeywrench for a venue for Gilad to speak and they told me you meet there 7-9PM. I wonder if you would like to hear from Gilad during your May 18 meeting… whether or not, I am asking Monkeywrench to give us the room for 5-7PM for Gilad to speak. He has appeared at Monkeywrench before.

    Gilad’s most discussed book is “The Wandering Who?” but his latest book just about to be released is “A to Zion” a humorous satirical Israeli lexicon. He also has a new Jazz album entitled “The Whistle Blower.”

    His website is very informative: http://gilad.co.uk

    Contact me if interested.

  • John-Michael says:

    Is this still happening? Interested in checking it out!

  • Zack says:

    Yeah, we’re still meeting! Check for updates to the blog. The next meeting should be on July 13th.

  • Franckxs says:

    I would like to know where I can find the article “Our New Names for Alienation: Tiqqun’s Bloom and Young-Girl “ from the Impasses magazine. It’s out of stock on LBC


  • Easton says:


    This is my first time visiting. I was perusing the flyers and saw the anarchy 101 post, I’d love to have an introductory reading list if possible. Are there any laying around from the event?


  • Zack says:

    There are lots of good intro pieces. My favorite is this one from Bob Black.

    Also see the website Anarchy101.

  • Michael Bauermeister says:

    Could you let me know what you are reading for Nov 30?

  • Zack says:

    I think the reading is still archaeology of violence, but the meet time should be Monday the 28th.

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