Future Readings

What would you like to read with us?  These are a few things that we have decided to read for the future or are thinking about reading or we are teasing you about reading but won’t ever really read.

anti-semitism and national socialism by moishe postone

the unquiet dead: anarchism, fascism, and mythology

time, work-discipline, and industrial capitalism by e.p. thompson

the tyranny of the clock by george woodcock

suffled how it gush by shon meckfessel

liberating theory

caliban and the witch

something from woblies and zapatistas



the iron heel

mutual aid, trauma, and resiliency


at the cafe by malatesta




§ One Response to Future Readings

  • Sean Roulier says:

    The only ones I can find on anarchist library are tyranny of the clock and anti-semitism and national socialism and they’re both pretty short.

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